E-Learning Platform


Shikshaa Edutech has developed and implemented a complete elearning platform (EUREKA) using Moodle framework. EUREKA includes a comprehensive registration process, new Question Types, Comprehensive student assessment, and new Reports module in Moodle. We have added the following functions in EUREKA.

  1. New Question Types, like Matrix Match one-many, Comprehensive etc.
    In this new question types are added. In the exam taking process the grading logic is put for these new question types. Rendering for the new question types is also done.
  2. Attendance of students and sending SMS to the absentees.
    The teachers enter the attendance details, and thencan send SMS also.
  3. Registration for online courses, class room programs and test courses.
    The admin creates courses with types like class course, online etc. Admin can also create free courses where students can do the enrolment without going thru payment gateway. Once the Email is validated the students will have access to these free courses.
  4. Course Fee Management.
    Admin/Manager will maintain the course fee, service tax. They can also maintain the instalment schemes where students are allowed to enrol to the courses by paying the first term fee. For the remaining terms they can give Post Dated Cheques.
  5. Scholarship/Discount based on the academic performance
    Admin/Manager can maintain the Scholarship/Discounts which can be availed by students based on their academic performance. It will be a slab based scholarships like for the 90% marks 30% scholarship, 80% marks 20% scholarship etc.
  6. Communication through SMS and Email on event based and also CRON based daily triggers.
    For Events like Registration, Attendance immediately SMS will be triggered. Every Day at 9:00AM a CRON job will run which will identify Post Dated Cheques that are due in the next 2 days will identify the exams that are coming up in the next 2 days etc. Then queue the SMS/Emails accordingly.
  7. Reports at exam level, batch level. Comprehensive analysis reports at batch level.
    The Batch Report will be containing the grades of all students in a batch over a period and how they are progressing. These reports can be sent to student/parent via mail or can be printed out to send in snail mail.
  8. Offline Exams – Where Question paper will be printed out, Exams conducted offline, Marks/Grades are fed into the system by teachers.
  9. Import and Export for new question types.
  10. Dynamic Exams where students can design his own exams from question banks.
  11. Subscription services for video contents/exams.
  12. Redesign with a new look and feel.
  13. New roles and functions like Management role, Counsellor Role and admin role.
  14. PDF and EXCEL download for reports
  15. Drag and drop timer in quiz.


Platform : Moodle 2.0.3
Data-Base : MySQL 5.1
Development Platform : Apache on Linux

Shikshaa Technologies developed following new modules:

  1. Registration Module.
  2. Communication Module.
  3. Matrix match question.
  4. Paragraph type question.
  5. Offline Exam module.
  6. Attendence module.
  7. Report module.

Platform : Linux

Installation URLs : www.shikshaaedutech.com/platform/